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I'm Isaac, 22, I live in Denver, and I love Disney.
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Nine Inch Nails,
And All That Could Have Been CD2 [Still]


Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails.

You always were the one to show me how
Back then I couldn’t do the things that I can do now
This thing is slowly taking me apart
Grey would be the color if I had a heart


I just want something I can never have


I just want something I can never have

Just hiding from the cops. Lol

I have two kinds of friends, when I asked them “Do you want to see A Haunted House 2 tonight?”

God bless #America, #Summer is back. #Beer #Steak #Grill #Freedom

#LeftHandBrewing’s #MilkStout is starting to become my go-to #Beer. #AmericasStout

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What's your instagram?
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The key to finding the right girl is to not look for her. She'll come into your life out of nowhere and you'll know right away. Plus, you're 22. You still have plenty of time ;)
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Yeah. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long. Haha

I’m starting to feel like Barney Stinson with all the women I’ve been with lately.
I need a girl to lock me down.

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If you want to understand Colorado’s weather in the springtime. Know this.
It was 75* and beautiful yesterday. Now it’s 30* and snowing today.
That’s Springtime in the Rockies.



Watching my favourite tv series or movie:


this is the most accurate post I’ve ever seen….bless you

See this is why I can’t be in relationships with certain women. Is when I get really excited about something, and they can really care less. Like last weekend I really wanted to see Winter Soldier, but before I did that I had to rewatch the First Avenger, and the Avengers, just because… and no one wanted to, they just wanted to see the movie and not the others… 

I’m holding out for the kind of girl who gets just as excited as me for stupid things like this. When I go to a Disney park that is me the entire time, excited even for things i’ve seen a million times. But this girl I was currently seeing, is so cold, and held back, and well i hate to say it. Mean. 

Can I just be with someone who likes stupid shit with me, I’m getting really tired of dating and being with countless women, and realizing there are none out there like that. 

I’m a big silly, goof, who loves living life to the fullest. I’d kind of like to share it with someone who won’t scoff at my passions. 

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